Tobermory 2003 Muscat Finish 54.1%

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This is the first members’ exclusive whisky and it’s a Tobermory 2003 Muscat Finish.  Chosen especially for our members, this whisky is a beautiful rich auburn colour with sweet citrus notes, toffee, butterscotch and gingerbread… delicious!

Tasting Notes

Nose – Sweet oils, toffee/butterscotch, butter, linseed mix with meadow flower sweetness and growing notes of gingerbread

Palate – Sweet heather and eucalyptus honey merge with mandarin orange, jasmine and rich vineyard must. Citrus notes build on the palate.

Finish – Dry almost Sec-like aftertaste, warming in the mouth, lemon citrus notes apparent


ABV 54.1%

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