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Islay Storm captures the essence of the unique and mysterious energy that surrounds the famous island of Islay.

Situated off the west coast of Scotland, Islay is at the mercy of the mighty Atlantic Ocean, whose treacherous storms have been shaping the landscape for thousands of years.

Raging seas, ferocious currents and hidden rocks have sent hundreds of ships to their destiny. Then they give way to calm sunny days, white sandy beaches and lochs full of peaty spring water.

Islay malts are unlike any other malt whiskies – they are  robust, smoky and peaty, with hints of the sea and spicy sweetness – combining the torrents and tranquility of this magical island.

Tasting Notes

Nose / Pungent peat smoke, phenolic with a little coastal breeze.

Palate / Lovely sweet peatiness. Some iodine and sea salt balanced with vanilla notes and some spice.

Finish / Waves of Smoke. Fantastic length.


40% ABV

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