Auchentoshan American Oak 40%

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Auchentoshan American Oak ages gracefully in first fill North American bourbon casks. The result: a smooth and complex Single Malt Scotch Whisky, with notes of white peach and smooth vanilla cream.

Making it all worthwhile
To the eye – Bright gold.
To the nose – Bourbon vanilla and coconut with layers of zesty citrus fruit.
To the tongue – Refreshingly smooth yet lively with vanilla cream, coconut and white peach.
To the end – Crisp, with sugared grapefruit and a hint of spice.
One last thing – People here say ‘ock-un-tosh-un’, Translated from the Gaelic, it means ‘corner of the field’.

Fine American Bourbon Casks
First fill North American oak casks are perfect for maturing Auchentoshan. Where once they held bourbon, now we trust our spirit to their care.
In the dark chill of our warehouses, patient years follow. Then after maturation, there is even more to be revealed: we carefully marry these casks to create the crisp citrus nose and unmistakable smoothness of Auchentoshan American Oak.

Auchentoshan stands alone. Born in 1823, we are Scotland’s only remaining distillery to insist on triple distilling every drop.

ABV 40%


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