Barra Atlantic Gin 46%

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Created with 17 carefully selected botanical’s, it is the Carrageen Seaweed that make our gin stand out. Each piece of our key botanical is hand picked from the shores that surround our Island home, creating a bold flavour, rich in maritime notes just as our Island home.

The Carrageen seaweed provides a bold, maritime flavour, with a huge, mentholic lean and a pinch of salty air. Juniper dominates proceedings, we’re pleased to report. It’s dry and rich, flanked by the Carragreen and strong enough to paint the air a rich, herbal green. A spice nip kicks in, but liquorice roots start to weigh the tongue down towards the end of the sip, adding a sweet viscosity that makes us think of salt water taffy. It makes for a great G&T but Martini-heads should definitely make a move for a bottle.

Refreshing and clean, with a long, gratifyingly warm spice finish that opens out like the vast vista surrounding our beautifully remote home.

ABV 46%

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