Glenturret James Fairlie Release Limited Edition

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Closed during the Great Depression, Glenturret lay silent for many years beside the Turret burn, before being brought back to life by James Fairlie in 1957.

Fairlie, a self-professed whisky enthusiast, had one aim in mind when nursing Glenturret back into production in the late 1950s. Whisky production had become largely mechanised and commercialised during the war years following Prohibition. Fairlie wanted to preserve the craft of making whisky by hand.

Reinstating the techniques that would have been used by most distilleries at the turn of the 20th century, it is these traditional craft processes that Fairlie instilled in the production line of Glenturret in 1957 and which are still used at Glenturret Distillery today.

This is your opportunity to acquire one of only 54 bottles released.

Filled on 22nd October 1982, The James Fairlie Edition has lain quietly sleeping for 32 years amidst the Perthshire hills.

Appearance: Deep russet

Aroma: Old oiled furniture, pine resin, mango and leather

Palate: New leather

Aftertaste: Spicy, lingering woodiness


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