Highland Park Ness Of Brodgar’s Legacy 46%

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NESS OF BRODGAR’S LEGACY is bottled at its marrying strength of 46% ABV to intensify the whisky’s distinctive flavours of heather honey, fruitcake and sweet winter spices, balanced by our hallmark aromatic peat smoke. We have released 5,000 bottles and we will make a donation to the Trust for every bottle we sell.

The earliest Neolithic settlers were attracted by our islands’ light and fertile soil, abundant natural resources and temperate climate. Cultivating the land, they introduced barley – a crucial ingredient of our single malt whisky – and they burned Orkney’s rich, heathery peat, just as we do in our kilns today. From the barley and peat we share, to the skill and creativity we value, Highland Park is proud to support the archaeological discoveries of this globally significant site.


Sweet floral honey | Rich fruitcake |
Warm winter spices | Orange zest |
Aromatic smoky peat


ABV 46%

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