SMWS – A Fistful Of Busicuits 41.119 61.1% Dailuaine

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Age10 Years
Date Distilled9th April 2008
Cask TypeRefill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Outturn1 of 221 bottles
ABV62.1 %

Caramel wafers and digestive biscuits rode into town on a wagon of croissants with melted butter as molasses and ginger cake waited in the saloon. Carrying holsters loaded with geranium flowers and vanilla slices they walked past the candy store selling butterscotch cookies, toffee, caramel and fruit jelly sweets. The oak of the saloon carried a strong aroma of new wood as they strolled in through the swing doors. Waxy candles lit the bar and illuminated bowls of pickled ginger, dried figs and mandarin segments in syrup that sat on the tables. Meanwhile strong malty notes came from bags of grains in the corner that sat beside a stack of dry firewood.


ABV 62.1%

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