SMWS – Eclectic Equilibrium 35.248 55.0% Glen Moray

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Whisky ABV55.00%
Age23 years
Cask TypeFirst Fill Ex-Sauternes Barrique
Whisky FlavourOld & dignified
Whisky Outturn1 of 202 bottles
Whisky RegionSpeyside

Bold and woody aromas of old dunnage warehouses and linseed oil mingled with fruit-filled orchards and tropical notes of mango, guava and banana. A strong sense of dessert wine and calvados then introduced fragrant tones whilst cinnamon and nutmeg complemented raisins. The palate was dry and nutty with a tingle from wasabi and an honest complexity that meandered through prunes, dates, chocolate and maple syrup. Water brought out a freshness as honeycomb, coconut and lime juice joined tea tree oil and eucalyptus amongst a plethora of candied fruits and herbs. Hints of butterscotch and soft pear emerged as we approached a finish that returned to aged wine and wood alongside malted barley and violets. After spending 22 years in an ex-bourbon barrel this was transferred to a first-fill ex-Sauternes barrique for the remainder of its maturation.


ABV 55.0%

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