SMWS – Flexing The Mussels 93.107 59.6% Glen Scotia

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Age7 Years
Date Distilled21st December 2010
Cask TypeFirst Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Outturn1 of 237 bottles
ABV59.6 %

The evocative aromas of rock pools welcomed us alongside dried kelp before clean shellfish delivered sweet oysters and mussels in a white wine sauce. Salted popcorn and fresh tuna became balanced by cherry tomatoes and burnt toffee whilst a dash of freshly squeezed lemon brought a lively tingle. The tingle crept towards ginger ale and chilli fudge on the first taste but later with the soothing sensation of cloves. Sweet flavours appeared with honey on charcoal and ginger biscuits that mingled with salted liquorice. The dry fruit of Barolo red wine created a dry complexity, incorporating dried herbs and asparagus before driftwood and ham combined on the finish.


ABV 59.6%

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