SMWS – Revenge Of The Shuttlecocks 95.22 58% Auchroisk

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Age11 Years
Date Distilled4th April 2007
Cask TypeRefill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead
Outturn1 of 264 bottles

This one opened on barley sugar car sweets, pink peppercorns and wild mint according to the panel. They also added river reeds, herbal tobacco, crushed ivy, lemon drizzle cake, tropical trail mix and a ‘slap’ of hessian. Water revealed chamois leather, fermenting wash, damp hay, granola, clover, suncream, green malt and a ‘tube of shuttlecocks’. The palate was fruity and punchy with notes of vanilla essence, pineapple jelly, damp earth, cod liver oil, baked apples and a few white jelly beans. With water the panel found milk bottle sweets, dried papaya, plasticine, lemon tea, gomme syrup and chamomile.



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