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An unusually superb waxiness at first. Then lots of pear, green apple, mint and sandalwood. Wee coastal inclusions; grass, mineral salts, hedgerow and undergrowth. Cider apples, green malt, lemon juice and hints of spice cake with touches of graphite oil, sunflower seed and pineapple jelly. Water brings soot, putty, camphor and baking parchment. Underneath there’s petrichor, olive oil, dry earth and eucalyptus. The palate opens unusually on hot roast peppers, then waxed canvas, roast root vegetables. heather honey, dried lavender, 80 shilling ale, cough mixtures, delicate medical notes, straw, hay lofts and gorse. With water it develops towards white mushrooms, damp tobacco leaf, herbal extracts, polished hardwoods, beeswax, pollen, heather ale, miso broth and rosewater. Superb!



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