Tamdhu Dalbeallie II 61.1%

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We’re delighted to be launching the exclusive, limited edition Dalbeallie II. It’s our second collectors journey bottling in honour of the Dalbeallie Station and the vital role the Victorian railway played in bringing the finest sherry casks from Spain to Speyside. Dalbeallie II is 100% matured in Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez, providing the wonderful, natural colour and a burst of intense sherry flavour. Only 1000 bottles available of this distillery exclusive.

Tasting Notes


Rich and indulgent with sticky toffee pudding, blackcurrant and chocolate, balanced by ginger biscuits, walnuts, vanilla and dry sherry.


Enjoy a silky texture that coats the mouth with rich sherry oak, crème caramel, juicy fruits and gentle zestiness.


Pleasantly long finish as the sherry notes build, finally revealing clementine, lemon curd and pleasing spice.



ABV 61.1%

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