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Blanton's Whiskey

Blanton's Whiskey

 The Blanton’s is a popular brand of bourbon whiskey that is produced at the famous Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. This single barrel bourbon brand was was first created in 1984 when master distiller Elmer T. Lee endeavoured to produce a bourbon of extremely fine quality. Colonel Albert B. Blanton was the president of the distillery up until 1952 and Mr.Lee had worked for him in his early career. He recalled when Colonel Blanton entertained special guests after hand picking ‘honey picked’ barrels from the distillery’s renowned warehouse H and bottled each barrel separately. So Mr.Lee decided to name the whisky Blanton’s in homage to this old tradition. This modern single barrel bourbon brand was the first of its kind in the market and was radical at the time. 

Producing single barrel bourbon takes great care as the barrels in the centre of the warehouse are diligently checked by the master distiller. Blanton’s is aged for between 6 to 8 years in the metal cladded warehouse H. 

In the Blanton’s range there is the Original Single Barrel taken form the middle part of the warehouse. The Gold Edition which is very smooth and complex. Others in the range are the Straight From the Barrel and Blanton’s special Reserve. 

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