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Craigellachie in the centre of the famous Speyside whisky producing region of Scotland and was constructed by Craigellachie-Glenlivet Distillery Company in 1890. Charles Doig a well regarded Scottish architect designed the buildings. Alexander Edward and Peter Mackie were both part owners of the new distillery and when Mr Edward retired in 1914 Mr Mackie took sole responsibility. It was then the majority of the spirit made would go into the White Horse blend that has family had created earlier in the century.
The style of single malt produced is know to be malty, heavy and rich. The huge stills at the distillery have straight lyne arms giving only small amounts of reflux making the spirit heavier. A longer fermentation gives a fruitiness to the final spirit produced. The heavy, fruity malt is great for 
blending. The current owners John Dewar & Sons use a large portion of the spirit for just that. They also renewed Craigellachie as a single malt brand in 2014. In the core range there’s the 13,17 and 33 year old plus theres the independent bottling’s to look out for. 

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