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Rosebank Whisky

Rosebank Whisky

Rosebank is a distillery set in the Lowland Scottish whisky region in the town of Falkirk. It is owned by Ian Macleod Distillers.

The actual location has an ancient history of distillation which dates back as far as 1798. The Camelon maltings were founded there in 1840. During this lengthy history, the distillery became know for producing superior Lowland malt. Rosebank was dubbed ‘The King of the Lowlands’. Sadly all came to an end in the face of prohibitive maintenance and renovation costs- the distillery closed in 1993.

However all was not lost and in 2017, the current owner Ian Macleod Distillers obtained the premises and remaining stock. Renovation and a focus on re-equipping the distillery with reference to earlier drawings have taken place.

There is a great anticipation of the first releases from the new production but it will be a few years before any bottling comes to market. In the meantime there have been limited releases of whiskies from pre-existing stock.

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