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Yamazaki Whisky

Yamazaki Whisky

Yamazaki built over a hundred years ago was the first malt whisky distillery to be built in Japan. Shinjiro Torii the founder of this historic distillery realised his life long dream of creating a Japanese whisky with its own style. Torii cleverly chose the site on the outskirts of Kyoto for its soft water source and beneficial climate for maturing whisky. Although the first whisky produced was not very well received subsequent Suntory Whisky KaKubin ‘’square bottle’’ was a huge success.
In 1984 the award winning Yamasaki 12 year old single malt was released. It was the first whisky to be introduced under the Yamasaki distillery name and had a distinctly delicate style. Now there is an array of styles produced at the distillery. Peating levels of the barley, a range of yeast strains and casks types help to create this variety. Demand for Yamasaki is high as the distillery is well know for the quality of its releases. 

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