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LinGin London Dry Gin 43%

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LinGin is a classic London Dry style gin – using a maceration technique and direct one-shot distillation with the botanicals present in the mix at all times during the distillation pro-cess. No other flavourings, colourings or sweeteners (either natural or synthetic) have been added either during or after the distillation process. LinGin is bottled at 43% Abv.
The flavour profile on the nose is clean and fresh with an overall juniper-prominent, sweet citrus and herby aroma. When sipped neat, there is an overwhelming sense of smoothness to the gin, without any burning effect on the throat. At this point, the citrus is less prominent, instead the full herb and meadowsweet complement comes through and gives way to a warm, peppery finish. When tonic is added, the sweet citrus comes back to the fore and segues into an earthy, herby taste as the meadowsweet comes to the fore.
The final warm peppery notes are also accompanied by a slight spiciness but again there should be no burn on the throat. An overall classic London Dry gin with a complex flavour profile and a smooth, very drinkable finish. The entire experience should evoke memories of a stroll along the canal bank or round the loch on a warm summer evening and leave you looking for more.
ABV 43%

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