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The Whiskritic

José Massú is an Ecuadorian whisky enthusiast and critic,  who goes by the pseudonym "The Whiskritic" (@thewhiskritic).

He has written more than 1200 different whisky reviews, and has 11 degrees and diplomas from prestigious whisky schools. 

The best way to describe him, is that he loves all types of whiskies and has embarked on a journey to find the best one in the world; and in his own words, "that adventure never ends". 

An attorney during the day, José teaches whisky masterclasses at night. He has taught more than 600 courses in the last 7 years. 

From now on, you can find his whisky reviews on Whisky International Online to help you find the perfect dram depending on your favorite flavor and aroma notes.


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Whisky International Online takes immense pride in welcoming Jose Massu, also known as The Whiskritic, to collaborate with us in reviewing our collection. With his wealth of experience and expertise, he enriches our assortment with valuable insights.

Simon Brown
Whisky International Online


José Massú, The Whiskritic enjoying a tasting José Massú, The Whiskritic enjoying a tasting
José Massú, The Whiskritic - whisky nosing. José Massú, The Whiskritic - whisky nosing.
The Whiskritic The Whiskritic

"I truly believe whisky is still a medicinal drink to this day, since it cures the wounds of the soul"


José Massú, The Whiskritic


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