Ardbeg Blaaack Committee Release Limited Edition With Jacket 50.7%

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This is the 2020 release for the Ardbeg Committee

This is the long awaited Limited Edition Release with a specially designed jacked to keep your Blaaack nice and warm during the Scottish summer

Tasting Notes

On the nose: British fruit pudding, cedar wood and the scent of a cigar box. Oak tannins with truffles follow and reveal subtle notes of smoked jam tarts. With a dash of water, intense aromas of bitter cherries with spices appear and turn into a wonderful fragrant bouquet of violets.

On the palate: A velvety mouthfeel drives the palate into a complex symphony of contrasting aromas. Anise, soot and summer fruits – such as cherries, strawberries, apricots and pears – pave the way to notes of shortbread biscuits, dark chocolate, coffee and almonds.

Finish: A long-lasting, smoky-sooty finish


ABV 50.7%

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